Influenza (flu) is a serious illness! Why should you stay at home with flu?

We often tend to underestimate the flu. Most of us have gone through this disease at least once in our lives. And even though we know that it can spread it (literally), we infantilise it, considering it to be a simple “runny nose with fever”. This is a mistake whose consequences can be really serious. Find out why it is absolutely necessary to stay at home with the flu.

You will not infect others

Influenza is a highly contagious disease. The flu virus can spread to others in the blink of an eye, so it is extremely irresponsible to go to work with obvious flu-like symptoms. Not only will your work be of little use to you anyway, but you could also infect your colleagues, resulting in staff paralysis.

Don’t expose yourself to worsening symptoms

Flu symptoms can be very unpleasant, although of course not everyone is affected in the same way. However, don’t be fooled. If there is nothing wrong with you apart from a raised temperature and a runny nose, don’t assume that you can go to work or university in peace. Symptoms can flare up at any time, and physical activity only encourages this.

Reduce the risk of complications from flu

Ignoring the flu seems to be our national vice. Meanwhile, this disease can carry very serious and long-lasting health consequences. Untreated flu is a risk factor for, among other things, pneumonia, myocarditis and neurological disorders. For your own safety, stay at home and lie in bed for at least a few days, and do not return to normal activities until your symptoms have completely disappeared (this usually takes 10-14 days).

You will not make your condition worse

If you are going through the flu relatively lightly, you should still not allow yourself to leave the house, let alone go to work. With this illness, even a little physical activity puts a lot of strain on the body, which can end up worsening your condition drastically and thus prolonging your treatment unnecessarily.

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