How to reduce the risk of muscle injury?

Muscle injuries are among the most common injuries suffered by physically active people. These are not only gym-goers but also runners and cycling fans. Such injuries can be very problematic, causing pain and forcing a periodic cessation of activity. How to reduce the risk of them occurring? Here are some tips.

Warm-up before training

If you sometimes forget to do this, it’s no wonder you experience muscle injuries. Unwarmed muscles are tense, making them very easy to micro-injure. This doesn’t always manifest itself in severe pain, but if training continues and the situation with the lack of warm-up is repeated, at some point a muscle can be torn or even ruptured.

Regular gymnastics

A daily gymnastics is a great form of muscle injury prevention. Not only does it warm up the muscles, but it also has a positive effect on the flexibility of other soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons. In addition, inconspicuous gymnastics has a strengthening effect on the body, which translates into better results from proper training.

Proper selection of loads

Playing sport should have nothing to do with showing off. Exercise in a way that is comfortable and healthy for your body. Don’t try to prove anything to anyone. If you feel that your limit is a load of, say, 20 kilograms, then there is no point in catapulting yourself to a heavier load, as this could lead to a very serious injury – not just a muscle injury.

Correct exercise technique

A lot of sports people do not realize how many technical mistakes they are making. These are most often seen in runners and gym-goers. Correct technique is the foundation of effective training and the best way to minimize the risk of muscle injury. That is why it is worth betting here on training under the supervision of an experienced personal trainer, who will point out the mistakes and help you correct them.

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