Everything You Should Know Before Deciding on a Marquee Wedding

Fresh air, setting sun, stars, romantic music, her and him… An outdoor wedding. Fulfilling such a dream in the capricious English climate can be thwarted. But there is a solution. Organizing a wedding under a tent. However, before you eagerly run to realize this plan, it is worth getting acquainted with a few pitfalls that may await you.

Where to Organize a Marquee Wedding?

Choosing the right location is key. Remember, renting the marquee itself is only half the battle. You also need to take care of the entire infrastructure: electricity, catering, toilets, etc. Although you can set up a tent even in your backyard, it’s worth considering a suitable place that already offers the necessary facilities: a small wedding hall with a large garden or a historic palace that will make their interiors available for your guests. It’s also important for the area to be flat and stable, and accessible by large vehicles.

Is a beach wedding your dream? – It’s not the best idea. Although the tents have walls and wooden floors, the sand will inevitably get into guests’ eyes and the served meals

What instead? A barn wedding! Riding the wave of the fashion for rustic atmospheres, this type of wedding has become popular. If your barn cannot accommodate so many guests, an ideal solution is to attach a tent to it and decorate it, for example, with paper balls and wildflowers.

When to Organize a Marquee Wedding?

The immediate answer that comes to mind is: in the summer. But this is not the only possibility. You can also boldly invite guests under the tent in the spring and autumn. The marquees are resistant to rain and wind. In cooler temperatures, gas heaters in the form of mushroom heaters are placed inside, which look beautiful in photos, as well as doors that prevent the warm air from escaping.

On the other hand, we do not have to fear the hot summer. The marquee walls can be raised to create a natural draft, and air conditioning can be used in rainy weather. – The walls and ceiling of the tent are made of a material that reflects sunlight. So, we do not have to worry about the greenhouse effect.

5 Things You Must Remember When Organizing a Marquee Wedding:

  1. Dance floor. When renting a tent, inform the organizers about the number of wedding guests and whether you are planning a wedding band (how large) or a DJ. This will allow predicting enough space for dancing and building a raised area for the band so that the sound spreads better.
  2. Tables and chairs. Many tent-renting companies also offer their furnishings, but they are not included in the price of renting the tent hall. It is worth determining the number of guests and the arrangement of tables (round or square) at the very beginning, as this also determines the size of the hall itself. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to paying. Also, remember about tablecloths or chair covers. These also need to be rented.
  3. Catering and tableware. You also need to take care of this aspect yourselves. Make sure that the catering company you intend to hire organizes outdoor events and will ensure that the food reaches your guests’ tables warm for sure. You will also need plates, cutlery, glasses. The best catering company is one that comes to you with its tableware.
  4. Wedding tent decoration. Here you can rely on your intuition or the skills of decorating companies. Choosing the first option, remember to equip yourselves with a suitable number of vases for the table.
  5. Comfort of wedding guests. Do not surprise them. Inform them well in advance about your idea. An aunt, whose heels from the deadly expensive new stilettos will be stuck in the grass, will not have good memories of your wedding. The same goes for a grandmother who will be bitten by mosquitoes. So, take care of appropriate means to repel them. Learn a few tips on how to prevent insects from visiting your wedding. Also, think about smokers. It is worth setting up a small, wooden terrace in front of the tent, where there will be space for a bench and ashtrays. Also, remember about toilets. If you decide to set up a tent in a remote area, it will be necessary to hire a company with the appropriate equipment.

If you enlist the services of the right company specializing in such events, organizing your wedding will undoubtedly be stress-free. There are marquee companies out there that provide all you could need – from chairs and tables to linings and decorations, including floral walls and photo booths, among others. One such commendable company is MB Marquees, known for their comprehensive offerings and impeccable service, ensuring your special day runs smoothly and is everything you’ve dreamed of.

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